Image Archive on Turkish Art

The Turkish Cultural Foundation is pleased to present the Image Archive of Turkish Art. This Archive is a digitalized slide repository, created from the professional collection of Prof. Dr. Nurhan Atasoy, Art Historian and Senior Scholar at the Turkish Cultural Foundation.

A unique section of this Archive contains images taken during Dr. Atasoy’s extensive domestic and international travels, including research trips taken at museums, exhibitions and other locations of note dating back to 1955. Beyond a collection of images, the Archive is, therefore, also a historical record of numerous works of art.

The Image Archive of Turkish Art is accessible to students, scholars and researchers worldwide. In instances where a direct reference cannot be found, the Archive can offer researchers relevant information on the subject of their interest. In addition to Turkish art, the Archive also contains a selection of images relevant to the study of Turkish culture.

This archive is available in Turkish and English at

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