Turkish Cultural Foundation's "Traditional Turkish Shadow Theater: Karagoz"

Traditional Turkish Shadow Theater: KaragozThe Turkish Cultural Foundation released in 2007  "Turkish Traditional Shadow Theater: Karagöz," in a 5-DVD collection format, as part of its Turkish Cultural Heritage Projects. “Traditional Turkish Shadow Theatre: Karagöz” brings to life this beloved family entertainment tradition, which was once part of social life during the month of Ramadan and on special occasions that bring together families, friends and neighbors.
Identifying the Turkish performing art of the shadow theater as one of the vanishing traditional Turkish art forms, the Foundation hopes to make a contribution to its preservation through the production of this archive series of traditional Karagöz plays. Through this project, the Turkish Cultural Foundation wishes to pay tribute to all the Karagöz puppeteers, present, past, and future who have kept this art alive, while contributing to the preservation of Turkey’s cultural heritage.

20 traditional Karagöz plays from improvisation to satire to the most traditional, this five-DVD set of Karagöz plays are performed by renowned Karagoz master puppeteer and puppet maker Metin Özlen. This beautifully designed DVDs and booklet set with information about Turkish Shadow Theater includes a foreword by theatrical historian and “cultural archaeologist” Dr. Metin And; summaries of the 20 plays, featuring photos of the puppets, as well as the backstage and production team.

The collection can be purchased at  www.turkishcultureshop.org

To watch a sample of the Karagoz DVDs, click here.








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