Turkish Cultural Heritage

In 2011, TCF established the YESAM Culinary Arts Center. Located at ARMAGGAN Nuruosmaniye, the mission of YESAM is to research, document and revive the tangible and intangible culinary heritage and traditions created by the Turkish people over the centuries on the expansive geographies they inhabited.

Cultural Heritage Preservation and Natural Dyes Laboratory - DATU
One of the world’s most advanced laboratories on the research and development of natural dyes has been established in Istanbul by the Turkish Cultural Foundation with generous support from ARMAGGAN. DATU reflects the Turkish Cultural Foundation’s mission to promote and preserve Turkey’s cultural heritage by creating a scientific inventory of natural dyes, contributing to the redevelopment of the natural dye production process, as well as spreading the use of natural dyes in textile production.

The Turkish Cultural Foundation released a collectors’ edition of the “Turkish Traditional Shadow Theater: Karagöz” in DVD format, as part of its Turkish Cultural Heritage Projects. “Traditional Turkish Shadow Theatre: Karagöz” brings to life this beloved family entertainment tradition, which was once part of social life during the month of Ramadan and on special occasions that bring together families, friends and neighbors.

Turkish Music Dictionary
This work, the broadest Dictionary of Turkish Music thus far created, is the result of a multi-year project by an expert team, which was funded and made available online by the Turkish Cultural Foundation.

Catalhoyuk Excavation
For the third year, Turkish Cultural Foundation and the Global Heritage Fund partnered to support the Catalhoyuk Excavation in Turkey.  Since 2008, TCF has provided a total of $ 85,000 in matching funds to the Global Heritage Fund in support of Catalhoyuk.

Iron Age Settlements in Turkey Inventory Project
The Turkish Cultural Foundation's multi-year grant to the Archeological Settlements in Turkey Project (Turkiye Arkeolojik Yerlesimleri - TAY Projesi), a Turkish non-governmental organization resulted in the creation of the Iron Age Settlements Inventory of Turkey.

Turkish and Islamic Art Museum Carpet Restoration Project
The Turkish Cultural Foundation became the principal sponsor of the XI. International Conference on Oriental Carpet (ICOC) which took place on April 19-22, 2007. As part of the TCF contribution to the ICOC Conference, a major restoration and preservation project was undertaken in cooperation with the ICOC Turkish Organization Committee and the Turkish and Islamic Art Museum.

Anatolian Seljuk Monuments Inventory Project

The Turkish Cultural Foundation's multi-year grant to the Cultural Awareness Foundation (Kultur Bilincini Gelistirme Vakfi), a Turkish non-governmental organization, resulted in the creation of the Anatolian Seljuk Monuments Inventory.



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